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ALL profits of the "save tigers sale"   ➡️  local community of Meru Betiri


For 3 weeks long, Macan Mt. will donate 100% of the money we make with our “save tigers sale” to the local community of Meru Betiri National Park (East-Java). We’ve reduced prices up to 40% to further encourage donations and awareness. Get one of our last archive pieces!


1️⃣ Why the local community?

Donations will make it possible to research the national park’s wildlife by purchasing and placing trail cameras. We worked together with the local community in August this year during a 3-day trek into the depths of Meru Betiri’s mountainous forests. This community lives in Meru Betiri’s reserve, they have heart for its ecosystem and resist any form of its destruction. Meru Betiri is the place where the Javan tiger was last seen.


2️⃣ Destructive mining

The immense nature reserve is more than 85 football pitches wide (580 km2) and is under the constant pressure from capitalist needs, such as poachers and industrial organisations. Last year, the local community had to demonstrate intensively against the arrival of a global mining firm. This firm (still) wants to gain permission to mine within the reserve by converting its legal status from a protected area to a military status. They already managed to achieve something similar in a nearby area, which rapidly became industrialised. A mine would destroy Meru Betiri drastically.


3️⃣ How can you help?

Large areas of Meru Betiri remain unknown and far away from human interventions — as it should be. Unknown and vanishing species still roam free here. During our visit, we heard countless stories about tiger and panther sightings. Meru Betiri is home to around 30 mammal species, 180 species of birds and a variety of plants. Documentation and awareness is crucial to uphold the reserve’s protected status. Donations will be used to buy trail cameras, but also to reward the local community for their efforts to place the cameras, analyse the footage etc.


Support Meru Betiri’s local community by purchasing our items or by donating directly via the donation button on our website. The button leads to a page specifically made with Paypal to accept donations for the local community only.

(November 28, 2022)

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