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Macan meets Diplograma


Photographing stone temples with a stone camera. We had a dialogue with Adnan Rusdi (better known by his online username @diplograma) on Javanese temples through the lens of a stone pinhole camera. In this interview with Diplograma we will explore his practice through a set of questions and images.

What is this about?

In the "Macan meets …”-series, Macan goes out in the wild to explore mythical perspectives through studio visits, dialogues, anecdotes and artworks. We ask likeminded artists to express their practice through the eyes of the tiger.

(🇮🇩 Bahasa Indonesia di bawah)

What memory would you like to capture?

With my stone camera I will only take pictures of ancient temples or parts of it, like statues, inscriptions, ruins, and other.

Why do you photograph these temples?

Since childhood I like ancient objects and everything from the past, such as ancient temples. A temple has many philosophical values, it is a sacred place that was used in the past, the abode of Gods.

Why with a stone camera?

One of the ancient temple materials is volcanic stone. At that time, the mountain was believed to be the abode of Gods. Thus, the temple was a miniature of the mountain. I photographed the ancient temple with a stone camera as if making a portrait with the same material from the mountain itself, from a sacred place.


Memori apa yang ingin Anda portret?

Dengan kamera batu saya hanya akan memotret candi-candi kuno atau bagian-bagiannya saja, seperti arca, prasasti, reruntuhan, dan lain-lain.

Mengapa Anda memotret candi-candi ini?

Karena saya suka benda-benda kuno sejak kecil, semuanya dari masa lalu, salah satunya adalah candi kuno. Karena candi memiliki banyak nilai filosofis, itu adalah tempat suci yang digunakan di masa lalu, tempat tinggal para Dewa.

Mengapa dengan kamera batu?

Salah satu material candi purbakala adalah batu vulkanik, karena pada saat itu gunung diyakini sebagai tempat bersemayamnya para Dewa, candi tersebut merupakan miniatur dari gunung. Saya memotret candi kuno dengan kamera batu seolah-olah membuat potret dengan bahan yang sama dari gunung itu sendiri, dari tempat suci.


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