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Macan meets Lodaja

Traces of the tiger have united Macan Mt. with Lodaja, an art cooperative from Surakarta (Solo), Indonesia. Delving into our mutual admiration for the Javan tiger culture. In anticipation of our collaborative release of t-shirts and art prints, we will exhibit Lodaja’s vibrant visual archive.

This first piece is by Faheem Tahira and coincides with our reflections on postage stamps. “29 Steps to Extinction” (2021) animates 29 tiger postage stamps made by several countries. We can trace the existence of tigers around the world with these postage stamps, some of which are on the verge of extinction.


"TICKET TO CHAOS (ADU DOMBA)" will grant you access to a match between the occult and religious (Rakasu x Elbolamos). A temporary mess of symbols without definitive analogies. From Macan piggy banks and animalistic souvenirs to religious relics. The work explores the mythical interplay of objects and their material culture.


In “Kemana Perginya Sang Raja” (Where Has The King Gone), Fauzan Abusalam reinterprets Raden Saleh’s romantic paintings of Indonesia’s flora and fauna. Imagine vibrant landscapes with forest fires and animal encounters. A century after Raden Saleh, “the Striped One” vanished. Its digitally-transparent silhouette remains the only visible trace of the tiger. What can these RGB-coloured depictions of Saleh’s historical paintings reveal in today’s age? Where has the king gone?


Lodaja's collective work “Kemana Perginya Sang Raja” questions the disappearance of king Macan through four perspectives:

1. Berangkat & Pulang (cyanotype dan akrilik diatas kertas, 2019)

2. Kematian (c-print diatas kertas foto, 2019)

3. Setelah (xeroxgraph diatas kertas berwarna, 2019)

4. Doa (photogram diatas kertas xiamen, 2019)


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