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Macan meets Sivanski

Born in the year of the tiger, Sivanski is always interested in mythical creatures. We met @sivanski in her brand new studio @duahatistudio to get a glimpse of her art — also since it feels closely related to our project on Rajah calligraphy. Check out the photos and interview with Sivanski below.

What is this about?

In the "Macan meets …”-series, Macan goes out in the wild to explore mythical perspectives through studio visits, dialogues, anecdotes and artworks. We ask likeminded artists to express their practice through the eyes of the tiger.


Sivanski is a tattoo artist based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. She is known for her ornamental tattoos, drawn with meticulous precision. We enjoy how she brings alive ornamental lines by merging it with mystic faces and animated eyes. Alike Macan, the eyes of mystical figures gradually became essential in her work — and now also her logo.

How did you get into tattooing?

During 2011/12, I was really active in streetart. Making stickers and posters from my drawings and throwing myself out there. Literally, for a lot of people to see my work. I met a lot of artists during that time and discovered their crafts.. A tattoo artist saw my potential and asked if I wanted to tattoo him. I got all exited about this new world. l'm still meeting so many new amazing artists and interesting people because I started tattooing.

If you had 5 words max, how would you describe your tattoo art style?

Wow 5 words. Ok... Ornamental, tribe, bold, mystic and transforming.

Who, or what, motivates you?

My roots in the Middle East and a lust for traveling. Meeting new people, learning new crafts. Also, peoples energy, bodies and faces.


During our visit, she explained that the various cultural references that are part of her upbringing gradually developed into her artistic language. Her work reminds us of Rajah calligraphy. Javanese Rajah is the result of fusing various calligraphy cultures into a new symbolic language. The symbols no longer are a single letter or definition on paper (or on skin as a tattoo). As a fusion it creates a new artistic language with a respect for the past.

Thank you for your insights Sivanski!


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