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"After Years of Tiger" Art Print

"After Years of Tiger" Art Print

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Each print on 300 gsm paper is signed in a numbered edition of 80. Only 40 will be available in 🇳🇱 and 40 in 🇮🇩.


**Bonus** There’s a unique pencil drawing on the prints made by Lodaja. Each is one-of-a-kind. First come, first served when it comes to which number out of 80 you will receive. Early birds will get the lower numbers(!)


  • Hand-pulled silkscreen print
  • Edition of 80 (of which only 40 in the Netherlands)
  • Made in Solo, Surakarta
  • 300 gsm Old Mill paper (FSC and PEFC certified)
  • 49,6 x 34,6 cm
  • Two colours (violet purple and jade green)


“After Years of Tiger” looks behind the fences where Rampog Macan was once held in Solo, Central Java. This controversial spectacle (in Dutch known as Rampokan) was a traditional Javanese tiger fight that was usually performed once a year. Rampog Macan, fortunately, no longer takes place. Nowadays, the grass fields of these central gathering squares (known as “alun-alun”) are a place for festivities and night markets. Though the traces of the tiger remain.

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